Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer dries your hair quickly without damaging it. Instead, the dryer replenishes moisture and enhances luster. The advanced technology has made it possible for the dryer to sense the change of temperature in the air inlet, and adjust the temperature in order to protect your scalp and hair.

Main Features:

● 9.5cm Small Size: not tired to hold, light and portable

● Aviation Turbine Blade: 20m/s super wind speed, fast drying without high temperature

●Temperature+Wind Speed Adjustment: 3 gears temperature, 2 gears wind speed, 57℃ intelligent constant temperature

● Multiple Protection: NTC temperature detection, overheating protection, fuse protection.

33 JOD

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Product specifications

  • Product model: no.CMJ01ZHM
  • Rated power: 1600W
  • Product dimensions: 135 × 77 × 215 mm (including air nozzle)
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated voltage: 220V~
  • Product net weight: 498g(including air nozzle)


Package Contents

1 Hair dryer × 1 Styling nozzle × 1 User manual