Mi Smart Band 6 Strap (3-Pack) - 1

3 Colors Pack

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Light and smooth, comfortable to wear
Comfortable to wear with soft TPU material and a curved strap design.
Textured surface, optimized for exercise
The extra textured surface makes the band feel less sticky when sweating during workouts.
Secure fit, keeping the band in place*
Using two-shot molding technique, the inner and outer linings are fused together into a single strap. The strap fits tightly around the fitness tracker and keeps it fixed in place even when on the move.
Strap Pack is in 3 refreshing colors
Install your fitness tracker
Remove the strap from your wrist, hold on to each end and pull on the strap until you see a small gap between the fitness tracker and the strap. Use your finger to pop the fitness tracker out of its slot from the front side of the strap.
1. Insert one end of the fitness tracker into the slot from the front of the strap
2. Press down on the other end with your thumb to push the fitness tracker into the slot completely.
Notes:*The Mi Smart Band 6 Strap has undergone factory simulation testing, where one cycle is deemed as the loading of the fitness body from the front, removal from the rear, re-loading from the rear, and then removal from the front (number of disassembly and assembly times for the band must meet a requirement of at least 500 times). No visible deformation or de-gumming of the band is present after completing the disassembly test, and the fitness tracker sits securely inside the band. Testing data and results are from the Huami Laboratory.During daily use, please do not wear the band too tightly around your wrist and keep its contact area dry. You should also clean the strap regularly with water. Please stop using the product immediately and seek medical assistance if the contact area on your skin begins to show signs of redness or swelling.