MI Smart Standing Fan 2

  • Product name              Mi Smart Standing Fan 2
  • Model no.                    BPLDS02DM
  • Dimensions                 343 × 330 × 1000mm
  • Weight                        3kg
  • Airflow                        20m³/min
  • Noise emission            ≤58dB(A)
  • Rated frequency           50/60Hz
  • Rated voltage              100–240V
  • Rated power                15W
  • Model Authorization Number CMIIT ID 2017DP7231 Radio transmission module
Package contents
Extension pole x1
Base x1
Fan blade knob x1
Rear hood knob x1
Motor + Body x1
Fan components x1
(front cover, fan blades, rear cover)Special wrench x1
Fan cover screw x1
Power cord x1
Instruction manual x1
75 JOD
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Mi Smart Standing Fan 2

Dual blades for a natural breeze


  • Dual blades          Surround yourself with a natural breeze
  • DC motor             Reducing power consumption
  • Voice control        Turn it on with a single command
  • 140° ventilation    Cools the whole room
  • 14m* range          Long-range ventilation
  • 100 levels             Fine wind speed adjustment
  • Table and floor      Place it wherever you like
  • Silent all night       Noise as low as 30.2 dB(A)*


Double natural breeze, all around cooling

Dual bladesNatural breeze-simulating algorithmDC inverter
7+5 wing-shaped blades
The secret to a gentler breeze
The two layers of fan blades rotate simultaneously, increasing airflow for more powerful cooling. With its wider reach, the dual blades also provide a more gentle three-dimensional breeze.
Precise speed settings*
24-hour preset for different needs
Switch between natural breeze or direct blow. Set the fan speed to anywhere between 1 and 100 in the Mi Home app, to achieve your desired airflow.*

DC motor

Only 1kWh for an entire summer*
The fan uses a DC copper-wire motor, which has higher operating efficiency and longer service life than an aluminium-wire motor. It provides constant speed for more stable ventilation and lower power consumption. Its wing-shaped blades produce a maximum air flow of 20m³/min*.

Operate however you like

Supports voice control

Switch between natural breeze or direct blow. Set the fan speed to anywhere between 1 and 100 in the Mi Home app, to achieve your desired airflow.*
Versatile usage Perfect for any room
Press the single button to easily adjust the height of the stand. Place it on top of a table or on the floor.
Ultra-wide angle 140° ventilation*
Increase airflow
Adjustable wide-angle ventilation with a maximum range of 14m to cool the room for the whole family.
  • 140° Horizontal rotation*
  • 39° Up and down tilt*

Keeping the room both cool and quiet
With its smooth-running brushless DC motor and dual fan blades, the fan has been optimized to deliver an exceptionally quiet and disturbance-free experience.
  • 30.2dB(A)*
    Minimal operating noise
  • 55.8dB(A)*
    Maximum noise level of airflow


Every detail has been rigorously tested

The fan has undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliability. The fan endured:

  • 5000horizontal head rotations
  • 1000up and down tilt adjustments
  • 10, 000power button uses
  • 10, 000function button uses