Yeelight Lightstrip Plus Extension

  • Must be used with "Yeelight lightstrip Plus"
  • Yeelight extend strap, 1 meter/ pack
  • Cannot be used alone.
10 JOD
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Xiaomi Yeelight Light strip Plus Extension - The extendable strip enables you to create light in any shape
you want.

Xiaomi Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus RGB is a smart LED strip that allows you to decorate virtually any shelf, shelf, corner, railing or furniture with a bright LED line. In this case, its extension of 1m will serve to lengthen
even more the area to illuminate. You can combine them up to 10 meters in length. You will be able to create any environment of light with the color and intensity you want from the app of your smartphone or tablet
(Android or Apple). The app also includes predefined lighting scenes such as birthdays, parties, romantic
dinners, and more. The Xiaomi Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus RGB is compatible with Amazon's Google Assistant and Alexa, so you'll have smart light-by-speech control. You can also sync the light to your favourite music or time it to turn it on automatically when you're home, etc.